What is Modern, Advanced Animal Training Using Behaviour Modification?

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The Academy is the ONLY one of it’s kind – offering horse owners worldwide the opportunity to learn about up-to-date training protocols and, possibly more importantly, exactly HOW to apply them to horses through our online home study courses.

Our 3 month long ‘How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate’ course is due to begin again on Monday 26th Feb 2018 – available ONLY to Members of The Academy.

If you would like to learn more about how modern behaviour scientists help horses (and indeed ALL captive species actually) to overcome feelings of fear and anxiousness in the 21st Century, join us as a member TODAY and sign up for this course.

Learn more about this course in the video below:

Read what others are saying about this course:

“Oh Jo, it is an extremely powerful course! You have this amazing ability to gather a lot of information and then put into a format which makes sense it of all in a way that is easy to understand, but the subject matter is still huge, you literally compress it into bite size chunks for us to digest, at which point it expands!” – Heather Richardson

Well, the 12 week online course “How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate is over :-( – it has been an amazing learning experience with so much information and in such depth in Jo’s video lectures for each module – access to additional learning materials via links to web pages that meant we could delve as deeply as we wished into each topic; however the video tutorials themselves were so clear and packed with information that for many will be plenty deep enough to allow for an excellent grounding in helping us to prepare for training our horses with an understanding of learning theory, the emotional circuits of the brain, the ethology of the horse and how to read and understand their body language. The forum allowed for more discussion via various assignments designed to motivate deeper thinking and questioning of our understanding of the subjects, culminating in a quiz on each module.

I have added so many layers to my knowledge and my interest to study further has been nurtured and encouraged.

Thank you Jo for a wonderful course! I know how much you have put into this – and it shows. Excellent and I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their understanding of these topics.” – Carolyn Jenkinson

I loved every minute of it, I actually cried when it was over! Everyone involved with horses should do it! – Rebekah Marshall