The difference between ‘clicker training’ and using emotionally-focused techniques – FREE VIDEO!

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I spend a lot of time explaining the differences between standard ‘clicker training’ and using emotionally focused training techniques. But what exactly does that mean when it is translated into practical training?

This FREE video explains exactly what I mean by emotionally-focused training for relaxation and WHY that develops truly confident, empowered horses as compared to standard clicker training protocols of teaching horses to target their noses to scary objects in order to overcome their fears.

By focusing on keeping our horses inside their comfort zones and well away from any approach-avoidance emotional conflict, we really learn to develop our skills in observing subtle signs of anxiousness in them.

In turn, the horses develop their confidence in communicating with us through much more subtle body language such as simply stopping to assess whenever they begin to feel fearful. And that kind of behaviour information is A LOT safer compared to the very possible full flight response often seen in the adrenaline filled, ‘go-and-blow’ horses that the standard targeting for fears can create!

The approach I teach inside The Academy is safer and much more fun for both of you, as well as the fact that it really develops really wonderful, trusting bonds between you and your horse.

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