The Academy’s FIRST Online Course!

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It’s nearly ready for LAUNCH!

The Academy of Positive Horsemanship’s FIRST Online Course is just round the corner!

How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate

Have you ever wanted to learn more about a horses ethogram, how they communicate with conspecifics, form social bonds and attachments, why they resource guard and the emotional circuits in the brain which drive all these behaviours?

Horses form life long social bonds between each other when given the opportunity as they do in their natural environment. Their social relationships and attachments to others in their herds are deep and incredibly strong.

They have been little understood until the last decade when ethologists have begun to scientifically study equines in their natural setting.

All this and so much more is included within the course!

This course is only available to Members of The Academy, whom will be receiving MASSIVE introductory launch offers very soon.

So get yourself signed up as a Member to grab yourself a bargain on the Spring course.

Half price for Gold Members and 25% off for Silver Members

This is a 12 week course complete with quizzes as you go through, home study, additional reading material and lots of discussion inside the Course Forum.

It will be available for Members to sign up very shortly.

The Spring Course officially starts on Monday 16th February 2015