Equi-libre Horses offers a variety of services delivered both in person and through online distance learning, coaching and support. 

We provide modern, science-based behaviour modification and training services to horse, pony and donkey owners, handlers and riders worldwide. Our aim is to improve quality of life for both horses and owners through positively changing behaviour and promoting safety and welfare for both.

No matter whether you are looking to address a specific behaviour problem, improve your horse's emotional wellbeing or to develop your horse's physical health through their suppleness, coordination and balance, we can help you towards achieving better animal behaviour and more satisfying human-animal relationships. 

Equi-libre Horses is run by Jo Hughes, a dedicated equine training and behaviour consultant teaching the art and science of positive horse training. 

As an experienced instructor, rider, trainer and behaviour specialist with a long history in showing, eventing and classical dressage, Jo has extensive practical horse experience which has come from a lifetime of owning and competing horses in all spheres.

Based near Lincoln in the UK Jo consults and coaches locally, nationwide and internationally both in person and through her pioneering online membership college, The Academy of Positive Horsemanship Club

Equi-libre Horses can support our clients in an enormous variety of different ways. Here are just some examples of the services we can provide. Why not drop Jo an email to discuss how she might be able to help you.

Addressing specific behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, loading/travelling issues, bolting, spooking, generalised fearfulness, reactivity or emotional arousal including aggression

Enabling you to teach your horse behaviours for calm, relaxed handling and husbandry such as veterinary procedures, worming or hoof handling

Showing you a positive way to train the basics to a young horse including initial backing and getting out into the big wide world

Helping you re-back an older horse with the priority firmly on the horse's emotional happiness

Helping you to develop your own 'self carriage' and classical seat in the saddle to create a wonderfully light and responsive horse

Showing you how to perfect your in-hand gymnastic groundwork including shoulder-fore and quarters-in

Enabling you to improve your horse's suppleness, coordination and balance through pole work and jumping by encouraging the use of his abdominal muscles and top-line

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the HHLFC course. I was familiar with the concepts taught but this course stood out for me because of the practical, impartial and evidence-based way that you covered them. It was also very refreshing to see that the horse's experience of our handling/training/husbandry was the primary focus. I felt that the course materials were spot on in terms of their content and presentation.”

Liane Preshaw

We also offer the following services:

  • Static rider balanced seat and posture lessons on Athena, Equi-libre Horses' saddle horse
  • One-to-one lessons and group workshops on the Racewood Advanced Dressage Simulator
  • Positive Horse Agility Training and Competition days
  • Positive dog training & science-based behaviour modification services via classes and one-to-one lessons with our sister company Pawsitive Dogs

Centred classical riding with Jo Hughes

Jo has a deep interest in the history of classical equitation and is passionate about coaching riders with a focus on incorporating the good classical riding principles of human and equine posture and biomechanics for health and longevity

Helping horses overcome fears & anxieties including young horse training

Shaping behaviour using bridge signals (a clicker or otherwise), positive reinforcement and behaviour modification protocols of systematic desensitisation & counter conditioning!