Practical Basic Groundwork Behaviours


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This course shows you exactly how to form the foundation behaviours needed for leading and safely handling your horse. You’ll also be introduced to the core practical building blocks and tools required to create a positive reinforcement-based communication language. You’ll learn how to apply these tools and techniques to create behaviours positively.  You’ll explore how to transfer cues from the initial prompts used to kick-start the behaviour occurring so you can reward it, right through to the final cues you’ll want to use for your groundwork and ridden training. You’ll learn how to get more behaviour over longer time periods whilst reducing the frequency of the rewards used and you’ll find out exactly how to generalise those behaviours to different distractions, positions, people and locations to make sure that you really can rely on them to work anywhere at any time!

These behaviours will become the foundations for all the other exercises you teach in the future, whether that’s on the ground or in the saddle, whether its for basic leading or more complex gymnastic movements for suppleness such as leg yield, moving the shoulders over, the quarters over, shoulder-in or even a half pass.


Skill Level & Pre-requisites No previous knowledge in these topics required. Students must have completed the Introducing Horses to Positive Reinforcement Training Course
Number of modules 6
Course Duration Unlimited access for duration of membership
No Attendance Required Conducted by home study

Course Outline

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