Introducing Horses to Positive Reinforcement Training



This course teaches you everything you need to know about training with positive reinforcement. We teach you the science-based behaviour theory alongside the practical know-how to safely introduce your horse to rewards-based training and get going with training behaviours.

We show you how to introduce rewards-based training through basic exercises including safely introducing the marker (aka bridge) signals, targeting, shaping and the 7 other ways to form behaviours positively. You will learn how to teach behaviours such as ‘stay’ whilst ensuring you develop your horse’s impulse control and find out how to regulate that emotional balance between relaxation and motivation so your horse is able to remain genuinely relaxed and before, during and after your training sessions.

You’ll learn all about cues as well as how to attach them to the behaviours you teach your horse. You’ll explore the importance of teaching clear cues for alternative behaviours and how to teach your horse to be able to discriminate between them. Amongst all of that you’ll get started with exercises to develop your horse’s confidence and optimism whilst building a relationship with you that can be trusted and relied on to be consistently enjoyable.

This course gives you the complete foundations to be able to train whatever you want to using positive reinforcement.


Skill Level & Pre-requisites No previous knowledge in these topics required
Number of modules 9
Course Duration Unlimited access for the duration of the membership
No Attendance Required Conducted by home study

Course Outline

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