Inspirational thoughts for the weekend

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I just came across this inspiring excerpt on another clicker trainers blog site, so thought I would share it. Charles de Kunffy has some wonderful inspirational thoughts in his books.

Excerpt from The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse by Charles de Kunffy:

“The pleasure in riding should be found in seeking, not finding, perfection. For all wise equestrians have known that our ideals are not fully attainable, only approachable. Horsemanship is an art not suitable to those that wish to “arrive.” It is rather, an art in which the process of creating is fulfilling.

The great German Romantic poet Goethe said that “everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow.”

Riders must want to grow. For that process is, indeed, the art. Therefore, in the equestrian arts, the process of daily work must be perfected because that is all that we can ever accomplish. Perfection of riding remains in the quest for it, but it will always elude completion. Riding is, therfore, an ongoing, never-ending, challenging process. That aspect makes riding so intelligent and significant an effort. One merely strives, never arrives.”