Helping Horses Overcome SEPARATION ANXIETY Calmly and Positively

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Separation Distress 1

So many horse owners struggle as a result of their horses suffering with, often severe, separation distress

Not only is it very distressing for the horse, it can often result in them performing very dangerous behaviour, never mind the fact that it renders any communication virtually impossible without needing to use force and escalating aversives when they are experiencing such extreme upset.

Horses are incredibly socially-dependent mammals, developing life long attachments between each other. Those social bonds that they form are vital for their own survival.

However, it is possible to significantly help those horses who do demonstrate severe separation anxiety, either when they leave their herd or when a member of their herd leaves them. By gently working through a behaviour modification programme, using up to date evidence-based positive training practices, their negative emotional associations triggering the typical distress behaviours of high energy movement and frantic calling can be replaced with positive emotional associations and therefore calm, relaxed behaviours.

Take a look at some of Jo’s training in action…