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An Introduction to Fly SprayEarlier this year we launched our pioneering online course – How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate.

This course is not only comprehensive but it teaches you all about the fundamental, underlying principles that will hugely improve your training with your horse.

You’ll learn about the principles that define how all animals learn, the training procedures to avoid and why as well as those to include more of with your horse. You’ll also learn all about the neuroscience of emotions in the brain as well as the science of equine ethology; what exactly defines natural horse behaviour and what do their body language communications really say about how they are feeling? And finally, you’ll learn how to change those emotions in your horse to produce a curious, confident and happy partner.

20140525-IMG_9666The whole course is presented in a clear, non-jargony way and has been designed to give you a good understanding of how to actively use this stuff in your training with your horse. The whole course is littered with clips of horses demonstrating natural behaviours as well as horses actively being trained.

Unlike other online courses, this one is in real time where Jo Hughes leads all the students through the full course together. There is, however, PLENTY of time for you to work through the content and you are NOT tied to set times to meet in a classroom each week either. This gives students both the flexibility to fit it in around their busy lives but also encourages on-going, two-way communication and support every step of the way throughout the course.

Free Taster Video – Equine Ethology – Body Language Communications

Check out our taster video about this course. In this video, Jo introduces Equine Ethology – the scientific study of the horse’s behaviour in its natural environment. 

Our Summer Course is beginning soon: Monday 27th July 2015 to Sunday 18th October 2015

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I have found this course very helpful indeed.

Prior to this, I had seen the Panksepp videos, but could not have named the Emotional systems straight off, never mind really thinking about them during interactions with horses.

Threshold levels manifest much more subtly than I had previously thought, and I had not known at all about counter-conditioning!

Hopefully I will be also more aware as to what my horse is becoming classically-conditioned too. ( Or has been!)

Horses body language is something that again was really helpful to learn about, and for me that needs a lot more practise.

Thank you for a very interesting course.:) Nancy Sheppard

Best wishes, Jo Hughes