Feeling Pressured? Webinar with Dr Helen Spence

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Helen Webinar

I am very excited to welcome Helen as a guest lecturer into The Academy.

In this webinar, she will be examining the myriad of ways that physical contact can be utilised in horse training.

I am offering a number of spaces on this webinar to people who are NOT members of The Academy.

“Helen Spence is a ‘rare breed’ in the horse world – she works day in day out teaching horse training in an applied way, yet with academic qualifications and a thorough understanding of the theory of training and teaching.”

Date: Thursday 25th February

Time: 8.00pm GMT

Helen will be discussing the perception of stimuli, and how that perception changes over time, in terms of emotions, classical and operant conditioning.

She will also be taking a look at traditional training approaches and what happens when we put a rider on a horse’s back, including the weight aids.


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