Exploring collection at liberty

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Dancer and I both really enjoy working at liberty.

I have spent a lot of time exploring and playing with our balance at liberty, working on strengthening my cues and getting behaviours solidly under stimulus control. As such I have been focussing on exercises such as shoulder-in and haunches-in as well as renvers and travers and incorporating lots of halt and rein back transitions into these lateral movements.

The outcome has been enormously improved balance!

The following video shows just what is possible when a horse learns to adjust it’s balance and bring it’s weight rearwards and off it’s forehand.

It’s been the working with lateral exercises and transitions at liberty which has helped her to find this better balance herself. Ultimately this will lead us to longer and longer periods of better balance and collection…and hopefully Spanish Walk too! 

This has all been trained with very minimal use of negative reinforcement and lots of positive reinforcement.