Can Horses Forgive and Learn to TRUST Again?

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Dancer Sleep Dancer Sleep 1

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than to share these incredibly special times with this mare. She and I have had a long and colourful history together (14 years) including many years of punitive and coercive traditional and natural riding and handling (including competing in eventing).

As the main catalyst for my journey to where I am today as a rewards based trainer, I owe her my everything.

She nearly killed me on numerous occasions back in the early days due to her fears and phobias from a life of escalating aversives as a result of her becoming sensitised in response to them instead of shutting down into becoming learned helpless due to flooding.

It’s only been in the last 2 years since we moved here into the lifestyle they now have, as well as it having been possible for me to remove ALL escalating aversives from her life, that she has been able to trust me fully to the point that she will stay down when resting and allow me to sit with her.

No matter what path you have come from, what you and your horse have experienced together previously, they can and very much do forgive and we very much can help them to trust in humans again 🙂